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Growth with Financial Stability and New Developmentalism in Brazil


Organized by CEMACRO – Center of Structuralist Development Macroeconomics, São Paulo School of Economics


Fundação Getulio Vargas


Hosted by São Paulo School of Economics at FGV granted by Ford Foundation
March 22 –23, 2012
Fundação Getulio Vargas, São Paulo, Brazil
If we take as our universe middle income or emerging countries in Latin America and in Asia, we see that since 1980 the later grow much faster than the former. We also verify that Latin American countries underwent more frequent financial crises than Asian countries. Given this fact, this project attempts to discuss the relation of such outcome to the financial system existing in such countries, and to the financial policies and financial regulations that they adopt.
The most general target of this project is to study financial instability in Latin America and particularly the impacts in Brazilian economy. In order to be more specific our two main objectives will be to discuss (1) how will change the world economy and Latin-America in consequence of the global financial crisis; and (2) the nature of financial crises that haunted Latin America in the recent past and search for the policies that should be adopted to avoid them. A third objective, derived from the two others, is to study the relations between financial instability, the exchange rate and deindustrialization in Brazil.
Phase 1 of the project produced the Ten Theses on New Developmentalism. Phase 2 focused primarily on the role of financial governance and financial regulation in promoting a competitive exchange rate to support development strategies in Brazil. In the two workshops, a particular attention was given to two sources of instability in developing countries: a macro source – an exchange rate tending to turn overvalued in consequence of the Dutch disease and of high real interest rates attracting capital inflows – and a micro source, insufficient regulation of the financial sector.
This is the Phase 3 of this project, in which we will summarize and conclude the previous workshops by organizing a public conference and producing an edited book.
On March 23th there will be an open conference with the ministry of finance Guido Mantega.
This seminar is open to the public, in which they can participate in the debates
The following lecturers confirmed their participation:
· José Antonio Ocampo (Columbia University)
· Leonardo Burlamaqui (Ford Foundation)
· Fernando Cardim Carvalho (UFRJ)
· Ricardo Carneiro (Unicamp)
· Daniela Prates (Unicamp)
· Jose Luis Oreiro (UNB)
· Luis Fernando de Paul (UERJ)
· Francisco Eduardo Pires de Souza (UFRJ)
· Roberto Frenkel (CEDES)
· Heiner Flassbeck (Unctad)
· Robert Boyer (CEPREMAP)
· Pierre Salama (Centre d’Économie de Paris)
· Thomas Palley (New American Foundation)
· Chandru Chandradeskar (JNU)
· Randal Wray (UMKC)
· Gabriel Palma (Cambridge University),
· Jan Kregel (Univ. of Missouri)
· Nelson Barbosa (Executive Secretary, Ministry of Finance)
· Yoshiaki Nakano (São Paulo School of Economics),
· Luiz Carlos Bresser-Pereira (São Paulo School of Economics).
To enroll please send an e-mail to eventos.economia@fgv.br.
Fundação Getulio Vargas – São Paulo – Brazil
Rua Itapeva, 432 – Salão Nobre.


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22/03/2012, 09:00 – 23/03/2012, 17:00