The Research Network Macroeconomics and Macroeconomic Policies(FMM) organises its 13th conference on

‘The World Economy in Crisis – The Return of Keynesianism?’

30 – 31 October 2009, in Berlin.

The submission of papers in the following areasis encouraged:

Global imbalances and the current crisis
Financial crisis, real crisis and the risks of depression and deflation
Paradigm shift in macroeconomics – the return of Keynesianism?
Economic policy reactions and the future relationship between the market and the state
Regulation of the financial sector from a Keynesian perspective
Perspectives for a Keynesian New Deal

For the open part of the conference the submission of papers on the general subject of the Research Networkis encouraged as well. We also ask for the submission of papers for graduate student sessions, on the specific subject of this conference or on the general subject of the Research Network.

Conference language is English. Selected papers will be published after the conference.

The deadline for paper proposals is 30 June 2009.Please send an abstract (one page) to Susanne Stöger ( Decisions will be made by mid-August. Accepted papers should be sent in by 15 October to be posted on the conference web page.

Organising Committee of the conference:

Sebastian Dullien (, Eckhard Hein (, Peter Spahn (, Achim Truger (, and Till van Treeck (

Coordinating Committee of the Research Network:

Sebastian Dullien (FHTW Berlin), Trevor Evans (Berlin School of Economics), Jochen Hartwig (KOF/ETH Zürich), Eckhard Hein (Berlin School of Economics), Hansjörg Herr (Berlin School of Economics), Torsten Niechoj (IMK, Düsseldorf), Jan Priewe (FHTW Berlin), Peter Spahn (University of Hohenheim), Engelbert Stockhammer (WU Wien), Claus Thomasberger (FHTW Berlin), Achim Truger (IMK, Düsseldorf), and Till van Treeck (IMK, Düsseldorf)

More on the Conference:

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